Fairfield County Town Comparison

The biggest question from buyers moving out of New York City: what is the difference between all of the towns in lower Fairfield County? There are many nuances and different personalities, the largest dividers being Coastal and of course Commute to Grand Central Station. Here is a consolidated chart with town-by-town comparisons.

Some of the most important factors for most buyers in Fairfield and Westchester County are the schools, commute to Manhattan and the taxes. All of these factors weigh into the cost/benefit analysis of focusing on the town to buy in. More often than not, our client base likes to tour and explore a few different towns to compare what their money can buy them and what the overall vibe is like. As we are currently working on compiling an even more extensive and detailed list which will be updated with 2016 tax rates, school and population info, as well as park and beach access, we have compiled this side-by-side comparison to act as a starting point for our first visits with new buyers. It compares taxes, schools, median income, beach access, train commutes to Grand Central, car commute to the major airports, median income in Fairfield County. We look forward to assisting you in your search for a home in Fairfield and Westchester Counties!

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